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Gladstone Centenary Essays$

David Bebbington and Roger Swift

Print publication date: 2000

Print ISBN-13: 9780853239253

Published to Liverpool Scholarship Online: June 2013

DOI: 10.5949/UPO9781846313202

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Primary Sources

Primary Sources

Gladstone Centenary Essays
Liverpool University Press

Gladstone's Diaries

The Gladstone Diaries, 14 vols (Oxford, 1968–94), ed. M. R. D. Foot (vols 1–2); ed. M. R. D. Foot and H. C. G. Matthew (vols 3–4); ed. H. C. G. Matthew (vols 5–14). The Diaries have been acclaimed critically and reviewed extensively, but see especially the reviews of the complete series by Agatha Ramm in the

English Historical Review, Vols 85 (1970), 91 (1976), 94 (1979), 99 (1984), 102 (1987), 106 (1991), 110 (1995).

The Gladstone Papers

The 750 volumes of the Gladstone Papers in The British Library form the largest collection of papers of a British Prime Minister held there. They are described in A. T. Bassett's anonymous volume The Gladstone Papers (London, 1930) and catalogued in

British Museum Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: The Gladstone Papers (London, 1953).

The Glyrme–Gladstone Manuscripts

These comprise over 25,000 items, including family letters, estate, household and business papers. For further details, see especially C. J. Williams (ed.), Handlist of the Glynne–Gladstone MSS in St Deiniol's Library (Richmond, 1990).

Edited Collections: Papers, Speeches and Correspondence

The most comprehensive published collection of Gladstone's correspondence, drawn from the Gladstone Collection at The British Library and St Deiniol's Library, is now available in microform, edited by H. C. G. Matthew as The Papers of William Ewart Gladstone (Papers of the Prime Ministers of Great Britain Series Eight, Primary Source Media, Reading, 1998). This ten-part series comprises printed speeches and newspaper cuttings from St Deiniol's Library and notes for speeches from The British Library (part 1); special correspondence, with appropriate Aberdeen Papers and Bright Papers from The (p.261) British Library (part 2); special correspondence from The British Library, including letters from eminent contemporaries (parts 3–6); Letter Books, in which Gladstone recorded and transcribed some 15,000 ‘out’ letters (part 7); and general correspondence from The British Library (parts 8–10). Each part of this collection is accompanied by a printed bibliography, offering item-level listings.

Other Collections include:

Bassett, A. Tilney (ed.), Gladstone's Speeches: Descriptive Index and Bibliography (London, 1916).

——, Gladstone to his Wife (London, 1936).

Brooke, J. and Sorensen, M. (eds), The Prime Ministers' Papers: W. E. Gladstone (4 vols, London, 1971–81), especially vol 1, Autobiographica (1971).

Foot, M. R. D. (ed.), Midlothian Speeches 1879 (Leicester, 1971).

Guedalla, P. (ed.), Gladstone and Palmerston: Being the Correspondence of Lord Palmerston with Mr Gladstone, 1851–1865 (London, 1928).

——, The Queen and Mr Gladstone (2 vols, London, 1933).

Hutton, A. W. and Cohen, H. J. (eds), The Speeches and Public Addresses of the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., 2 vols (London, 1894).

Lathbury, D. C. (ed.), Letters on Church and Religion of William Ewart Gladstone (2 vols, London, 1910).

Ramm, A. (ed.), Political Correspondence of Mr Gladstone and Lord Granville (4 vols: vols 1 and 2, London, 1952; vols 3 and 4, Oxford, 1962); reprinted as

The Gladstone–Granville Correspondence (2 vols, Cambridge, 1999).

Chief Books by Gladstone

A list of books and articles by Gladstone will be found under ‘publications’ in the subject index in volume 14 of The Gladstone Diaries. The State in its Relations with the Church (London, 1838; 4th edn, 2 vols, London, 1841).

Church Principles Considered in their Results (London, 1840).

Prayers for Family Use (London, 1845).

(Trans.), Farini, L.C., Lo Stato Romano (4 vols, London, 1851–54).

On the Place of Homer in Classical Education and in Historical Inquiry (London, 1857).

Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age (3 vols, Oxford, 1858).

A Chapter of Autobiography (London, 1868).

Juventus Mundi: The Gods and Men of the Heroic Age (London, 1869).

The Vatican Decrees and their Bearing on Civil Allegiance: A Political Expostulation (London, 1874).

Vaticanism: An Answer to Replies and Reproofs (London, 1875).

(p.262) The Church of England and Ritualism (London, 1875).

Rome and the Newest Fashions in Religion (London, 1875).

The Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East (London, 1876).

Homeric Synchronism: An Enquiry into the Time and Place of Homer (London, 1876).

Homer (London, 1878).

Gleanings of Past Years, 1843–79 (7 vols, London, 1879).

Political Speeches in Scotland, November and December 1879 (Edinburgh, 1880).

Political Speeches in Scotland, Second Series (London, 1880).

Landmarks of Homeric Study (London, 1890).

The Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture (London, 1890).

The Odes of Horace (London, 1894).

The Psalter with a Concordance and Other Auxiliary Matter (London, 1895).

Studies Subsidiary to the Works of Bishop Butler (London, 1896).

(Ed.), The Works of Joseph Butler, D.C.L. (2 vols, London, 1897).

Later Gleanings (London, 1897).