Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History

Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History

Alexander Bieri

Print publication date: 2015

ISBN: 9781781381373

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History aims to describe current expectations and strategies held within companies, within academia and amongst the general public for using a company’s history for communication and marketing purposes. Ranging widely across case studies from major international businesses such as IBM, Maersk and Roche, this timely volume includes contributions from marketing specialists, corporate archivists and scholars. It is particularly useful for business and economic historians who are charged with communication projects linked to disputed historical issues or jubilee activities of businesses. For the first time, possibilities to bridge the gaps in between the scientific demands in reappraising historic events and the marketing requests of companies are explored in this volume.

Table of Contents

1 Marking Out the Extremes in Corporate History

Stick or Twist? Or

Jonathan Steffen

2 Novel Approaches in Corporate History: Selected Examples

Objective? Me?

Henning Morgen

3 Historical Writing: No More Tales of Heroes and Myths!

4 Scientific Credibility and Getting Across the Message: Can we Bridge the Gap?

5 The Global Scale of Corporate History: Changing Expectations in Changing Environments

End Matter