Collective ConvictionThe Story of Disaster Action

Collective ConvictionThe Story of Disaster Action

Anne Eyre and Pam Dix

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9781781381236

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


This book tells the story of Disaster Action, a small charity founded in 1991 by survivors and bereaved people from the disasters of the late 1980s, including Zeebrugge, King's Cross, Clapham, Lockerbie, Hillsborough and the Marchioness. The aims were to create a health and safety culture in which disasters were less likely to occur and to support others affected by similar events. The founders could not have anticipated the degree to which they would influence emergency planning and management and the way people are treated after disasters. Aware of the value of lessons learned over 22 years, the trustees felt that this corporate memory should be captured. The book encapsulates that memory, so that it can be called upon by survivors, the bereaved, governments and others for years to come. The book sets out the chronology of Disaster Action's history, with first-person accounts and case studies of disasters interweaved with chapters on the needs and rights of individuals, the treatment of bereaved and survivors, inquests and inquiries, the law, the media, memorials and commemorations, and the importance of corporate memory. Additionally, it contains guidance notes for survivors and bereaved on dealing with a disaster, and best practice guidance for responders and the media. This book is essential reading for those in a wide range of disciplines with an interest in planning for, responding to, reporting on and dealing with the aftermath of disaster. And importantly, people affected by disaster should find solace and support in the personal stories of others.