Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness

Kat Ellinger

Print publication date: 2022

ISBN: 9781800348295

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


‘Daughters of Darkness’ (1971) is a vampire film like no other. Heralded as psychological high-Gothic cinema, loved for its art-house and erotic flavors, Harry Kümel's 1971 cult classic is unwrapped in intricate detail in this book to unravel the many mysteries surrounding just what makes it so appealing. The book, as part of the Devil's Advocates series, examines the film in the context of its peers and contemporaries, in order to argue its place as an important evolutionary link in the chain of female vampire cinema. The text also explores the film's association with fairy tales, the Gothic genre, and fantastic tradition, as well as delving into aspects of the legend of Countess Bathory, traditional vampire lore, and much more. The book contains new and exclusive interviews with director Harry Kümel and actress and star Danielle Ouimet.