European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750

European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750

Jonathan I. Israel

Print publication date: 2021

ISBN: 9781874774426

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


This survey history of Jewish life and culture in early modern Europe is the first to focus on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as a radically new phase in Jewish history. The book lays particular emphasis on the reversal of trends in western and central Europe in the late sixteenth century, which was followed by a rapid increase in Jewish numbers and activity, and far-reaching reorganization of Jewish society and institutions. A major consequence of these changes was a much expanded and more varied Jewish role in European civilization as a whole. The first edition of this book was the joint winner of the Wolfson Literary Prize for History in 1986. For this third edition, the book has been updated and includes a new introduction.