French Scientific and Cultural Diplomacy

French Scientific and Cultural Diplomacy

Philippe Lane

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9781846318658

Publisher: Liverpool University Press


The work explores the spread of French science and culture beyond the borders of France, and focuses on the deliberate measures enacted by successive French governments to make such dissemination as effective as possible. This well-established French tradition is explored over time particularly since the closing years of the twentieth century. There is a very full description of the institutions, both former and current, established by France in the many locations worldwide. Soft power is redefined and contrasted with the more familiar hard power across the arts-to-science spectrum. The propagation of ideas and practices abroad is demonstrated in terms of a diplomatic push through varying and differing means and channels. Francophone initiatives are underscored, including the roles of French-speaking countries both as receptors and generators of French culture. The 2011 New Start is highlighted, reorienting action for the arts and for science and university diplomacy, particularly those aspects receiving increasing attention. International cooperation, both linguistic and educational, is seen as key to government involvement through the organization and implementation of French cultural and scientific activities abroad, and these are described in later chapters. Philippe Lane steers us through a myriad of acronyms for which he provides a very useful list.